An example

The Crown Royalty Business Model

We work according to a unique and highly successful royalty model that aims to create the highest possible return for our clients (football players but also for athletes etc.) for relatively low costs.

  1. You are the owner/license holder of your own name (IP=Intellectual Property).
  2. You give an IP license to a Dutch Limited Company (B.V.).
  3. The Dutch Limited Company will sign the contracts with contract parties who are interested in your trademark or image rights and will receive their royalty income.
  4. The royalties received by the Dutch Limited Company are paid out to you minus a commission. This commission, the so-called 'spread', varies from 2% to 7% (sliding scale) and constitues the total Crown fee. No additional costs are charged.
  5. At any time, you can terminate your license contract with the Dutch Limited Company if you are no longer receiving revenues or if you are no longer satisfied with their service.

Crown Licensing developed several tailor-made business models.