A soccer talent can come from anywhere...

...and we will take the management from there.

The young talented soccer player is training hard, often with the help of his family, to achieve his goals. As the players get more and more involved in contracts and with managers in every stage of his career, a good financial plan from the start is an absolute necessity. The amounts involved in the soccer world are becoming larger and larger each year due to TV rights, sponsorships, club owners, etc.

We at Crown Licensing understand that the soccer player and his family do not Always have a financial background. We believe that with strong professional management, the collaboration between the soccer player and the soccer club and/or commercial parties will relieve the player from all kinds of financial and operational 'burden'!

For football clubs it could be an advantage to work with a football intermediary to get the player they want. The football intermediary can do the ground work with players and clubs prior showing official interest in a player.  



Are you a (future) professional soccer player or football club?


Before recommending any football player or club or business partner, Crown does vigorous amounts of research to find the perfect match between the parties.




Crown Licensing

For players: We specialize in providing support when working internationally or earning worldwide income. We can take care of the 'here & now' and provide you with a tailor-made, long-term plan to manage your future. All advice is given in strong consultation with you in order to maximize your athletic potential and earning power. Our tailor-made services ensure the highest possible efficiency and financial security for you and your family.

For clubs: We could be the ideal partner for you to find the right players, sponsors or buyers of the club.

Crown Licensing is your dedicated international partner, providing the best tailor-made financial and operational management services for YOU!